Missouri Dealer License Fees

Missouri Dealer Licensing Fees

 Missouri Highway Patrol Background Check ($14.00 for each name on license) $14.00
 Missouri Secretary of State Fictitious Business Name Registration. (You may want to incorporate, be sure to seel legal advice) $7.00
 $50,000 Surety Bond or Irrevocable Letter of Credit fees (with good credit)
 Surety Bond prices vary depending upon your credit score
 The Missouri Department of Revenue pro-rates your application
 fees based on the month you obtain your license.
 Fees charged for licensing earlier in the year are higher
 and fees charged for licensing later in the year are lower.     
 The minimum fee is $12.50                           The maximum fee is $150.00
 Original Dealer License Plate fee $50.00
 Each additional plate you order cost $10.50 and is also pro-rated                            
 State Required Missouri Dealer Educational Seminar tuition $299.00
Dealer Insurance (dealer liabilty with good driving record)
Dealer Insurance rates vary depending on location, experience, number of d-tags, and driving record. You can make payments on insurance if needed.
 Minimum Missouri Dealer License Cost Estimate (with good credit and driving record) $2070.00

Remember, the Department of Revenue licensing fees are higher earlier in the year and are lower later in the year due to their pro-rated fee schedule.

These license fees are only estimates, your licensing fees may vary. You must have a Dealer Garage Insurance Policy and Dealer Surety Bond in effect before you obtain your license. For more information about Missouri Dealer Insurance, call 816-390-2267.

For questions regarding licensing fees, please contact the Missouri Department of Revenue Dealer Licensing Section at 573-526-3669 option 7

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