Missouri Automobile Dealers

Currently licensed Missouri Automobile Dealers are required to follow State and Federal Automobile Dealer Guidelines including Federal Finance Regulations, IRS Cash Reporting Requirements, New FTC Buyers Guide Laws, and the Department of Revenue's requirements, many of which changed in August of 2020.

Did you know charging document preparation or processing fees in Missouri is illegal?

Don't lose your dealers license because you are not operating under all the new Department of Revenue guidelines.

The first hour of the Missouri Dealer Seminars covers the startup process of obtaining a dealers license. This section may offer you a brief reminder of when your started your dealership and may assist you in staying in operating under new State Dealer Laws. The remainder of the course is dedicated to making sure your Missouri Automobile Dealership is operating in full compliance under all State and Federal Automobile Dealer Guidelines. Many, many State and Federal Dealer Laws have changed in 2013 and these laws are discussed thoroughly

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